Monday, January 17, 2005


Today was a boring day, i got my ethik-test (1-2 :) and now i'm happy.
Not really, the test was too easy.. and tomorrow we'll write biology.
I don't know anything, it's about how the heart and the blood work, and stuff like that.
I'm too lazy to learn..

Today was a difficult day for, a few of my friends left the site..

Now i'll try reading a few pages from my biology book,

cu, martin

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Usually Sunday

Hi all,

My whole day was soo boring..
A usually sunday, i woke up at 12 o'clock, and then i looked for emails, then i went to bed again :)
I learned biologie, and stuff like that.
Now i'll write vocabulary for english and france, and then i'll go to bed again..

good night @ all

Saturday, January 15, 2005

That's Me!


This is my firts post, that's why i'll say a few things about me.

I'm Male, 16 years old, and i'm from germany.. i'm 1.85 m tall...

My nickname really sucks, my friends, no everybody calls me "hasi", it's something like rabbit..
Nobody knows why..

I'm living in a little town, it's pretty nice. There are many hills, and usually snow, but at the moment it's just cold :)

My haircolor is red, not really red, let's say it's anything between red and blond. My eyes are blue.

I have a usually familiy, one sister, my mother and my father :)

My hobbys are riding my bike, surfing in the internet, coden, stuff like that..sounds boring, sometimes it is..

The music i'm listen to is, some people would say "weird". It's german hiphop, i like it..
but i'm also listening to norah jones, my foobar2000 says "The nearness of you - norah jones" at the moment.

now i don't no more to say about me...